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What is it?
The Illumination Process is the core healing practice of the Native American medicine people of the Andes and the Amazon. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is a very powerful tool for personal transformation. It is based on the underlying principle that information from our emotional, genetic and karmic history organizes energy, often leaving dense or heavy imprints in our luminous field, which create emotional and physical dysfunction.

What does it entail?
This approach involves the removal of energetic intrusions, or heavy energies, from the luminous energy field that surrounds a person, and infusing healing energy and light into the chakra system. The luminous field holds the template for our health. Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of a lifetime, or lifetimes, and interrupt the free flow of energy through the chakras. By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the luminous field is free to re-inform and re-pattern the body back to health.

What happens during a healing session?
The practitioner will perform a chakra assessment to determine where work is indicated in the field. Generally, only one chakra is dealt with in a single session. Sacred space is created and the practitioner opens her light body and covers the client with it for the duration of the healing. The client then reclines while the practitioner gently cradles the head. The practitioner synchronizes breathing with the client, and the indicated chakra is discharged and cleansed. Healing light is brought into the chakra, which is then balanced. Healing sessions generally last 90 minutes in length, which includes time before and after the actual process for discussion.

Will I feel anything?
Depending on how sensitive you are to energy, you may feel changes in your energy field during the session. Some people feel the energy shifting. Others feel just a deep sense of relaxation. Sometimes the process produces shaking, vibrations, or feelings of intensity. Some clients have visual images of memories that may provide insight into the source of their imbalance.

How often can I have healing sessions?
Because it takes time for the body to clear and integrate after changes are made in the luminous field, healing sessions are recommended no more frequently than once a week, with the ideal being once every 2-3 weeks. It is wise to do them spread out over time, to allow the body ample time to adjust.

What should I expect after an Illumination?
With the Illumination Process, healing can come quickly for some, but it generally expresses itself slowly with time. Clients are encouraged to keep a journal. They may experience vivid dreams or have sudden insights that are new to them in the weeks following a session. The integration period is different for each person.
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